Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Koala purple hazed wildlife art with a twist

Inspired by the smoke haze floating over the Gippsland countryside, for many days in late April. The planned burn left a purple blue touch to everything. It got me thinking of those poor koalas in the fog of choking smoke. The interesting hues influenced my decision to experiment with this haze of purple and to push my boundaries using bright non standard colour on this interesting and iconic Australian animal. 

I took a further risk and added touches of orange to the eyes and around the animals face to echo the beautiful flaming autumnal leaves and of course those fires. I have a thing for koalas they have an innocent quality but behind the cute face they can be quite feisty when they need to be.

This piece of artwork, I hope will make the viewer think about the plight of animals subjected to unpleasant smoke inhalation during burn offs.

This experimental acrylic painting is currently for sale on boxed canvas (20cms x 20cms x 1.5cms). For best price contact me directly or you can purchase from me via Saatchiart. If you want your own print check out my koala art on Redbubble.


  1. This is so clever! I love how you incorporated the situation into your painting of the affected wildlife.