Thursday, 2 February 2017

Back to Australia again!

Hello again! Well it has been another while since I have posted to my art blog. My apologies.

Moving around the world and back with two young children is not for the fainthearted and unfortunately a few things have had to take a back seat for awhile and my blog has been amongst them.

Now back in Australia with my own computer and most importantly space for my desk, I am slowly getting back up and running.

Migrating back to Australia I have found the process a bit easier this time, thankfully. I have certainly felt more thankful to be able to return and trying to make the most of all Australia has to offer in terms of floral and wildlife. Being in rural Victoria again there is no shortage of exciting flora and fauna to enjoy.

At the moment I am living close to Uralla Nature Reserve. So I have taken my kids several times to the reserve for bush walks and each time we have seen something different.

My last trip was particularly special as we encountered on the path a wallaby just standing there looking straight at us. Very exciting to see one so close in the wild.

However for me the wild orchids I just fell in love with, being flower mad to see such beautiful plants with butterflies darting around in their natural setting was truly magical. This walk reminded me why I love and returned to Australia.

These beautiful wild orchids inspired me to paint the orchids on a whimsical birthday card for my mum, whom I am so sad about leaving back in the UK and not being able to visit on her upcoming birthday.

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