Wednesday, 17 February 2016

The joy of moving

As you can see I have been rather busy moving and relocating, that my blog as been somewhat neglected these last couple of months. My apologies for not writing sooner. We are still not resettled and my desk and computer are still looking for some much needed room. This is certainly making it a challenge to continue to work. I have managed to do some painting and computer design work on a laptop whilst on the move but it has been far from ideal. 

So why did we leave our beautiful Australian home? Well the mine fire we experienced made us question the area and with the lack of response to the health issues caused and future protection of the mine from further fires doubtful, it was with regret, we decided to sell our Australian home. Initially packing up to relocate somewhere else in Australia. We first visited Perth and then returned back to the UK to see family. The trip back was great until we left Singapore (a stunning city and well worth stopping off to see) but going via Frankfurt and Brussels was certainly an experience that I would not recommend nor repeat particularly with a strong willed two year old! 

Family health issues after arriving back in the UK has made us feel at this moment we should try to come back to stay. Giving our children the opportunity to spend time getting to know the family again. But no matter where you live there are always trials and issues involved in finding yourself a place to live and returning back to the UK has been a lot harder than we could have imagined. 

In the five years we were away, things have certainly changed. Being aware of the costs, financial, mentally and physically involved and being prepared to tackle the many unexpected issues that comes your way is key to surviving the process. Slowly we are getting used to being back but I am certainly missing Australia. I hope one day we will get to return. In the short term I hope I can find some of my own space again so I can more comfortably continue to produce my art and design work. 

Spring at least is starting to show itself (well almost) and I managed to draw and then paint up this hellebore standing at the kitchen bench. Then designed the artwork into a new wedding set for my wedding website www.mylittleedenweddings 

Hellebore watercolor wedding

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