Thursday, 7 August 2014

Dollying up dolly

Original  first draft sketch
Just finished my latest artwork of a cute rag doll loosely based on my daughters cherished rag doll, Kate.

I even remembered my blog and finally got out my camera to record several stages during the drawing and painting process for you to see the progression of this piece and how I as a artist work.

I needed to buy a new pink watercolor tube for this painting. Pink is one of those colors in watercolor that is best used strong to keep it vibrant. I am delighted with my new opera rose Winsor & Newton tube. Opera rose proved to be well worth the investment giving the painting a lovely vibrancy to the pink and purple tones.

The biggest challenge I found on creating this artwork was the woolen hair, one the changes I made from the original doll. I guess that is why I left it until last to do? As always my completed dolly art prints are available from my stores on a variety of products, ideal for any little girl who like my daughter loves dolls.

Second draft in my sketch book
Redrawn on watercolor paper with paints used
Working on drawing in and painting up the hair

Kate with her caricature

If you like this doll art you can get your own personalized copy on various items sold by Zazzle is my doll collection

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